Deliver engaging voice experiences with our secure,high-definition voice service for any application.

Customers want their calls to be returned soon. Without being transferred many times, they expect you to know who they are and what they said the last time they called. More sales, happier customers, and better reviews are the results! With dynamic call queues, reporting, wallboards, and CRM connection, iCamlight Solutions delivers a full-featured call center system. A simple drag-and-drop call flow builder tool can be used to create complex and complicated call flows. But it isn’t simply phone calls! To turn your call center into a full contact center solution, iCamlight integrates live chat, Facebook, and SMS.


Queue that call… don’t miss it


  • Call queues to individuals or groups. Guarantee no calls are missed .
  • Advanced queue strategies such as Round Robin & Hunt by our software.
  • Agents can answer calls from anywhere.
  • Call back option as overflow during busy times.

Call recording and staff training


  • Record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes.
  • Train agents during a live call with Listen in and Whisper
  • Use Barge in to take over when needed.
  • Ticket responses can be monitored centrally.

Check service levels with reports


  • Check agent performance with the built-in reports.
  • See longest wait time and abandoned calls.
  • Get reports on SLA and call-back statistics.
  • Switchboard/wallboard for real-time monitoring of queues.

Not just calls: Live chat & messaging


  • Add live chat to your website and connect web visitors.
  • Connect your Facebook page and respond centrally.
  • Send & receive business text messages .
  • Create voice apps to automate repetitive tasks.
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